Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dinner Drama

Yesterday I made dinner. 

Red beans and rice with a side of fruit.

First I cut an onion.

Then I cut some celery.

Next I cut a pineapple.

And then I cut my finger.

I cut my finger.


It was bleeding.

A lot.

I was home alone.

So I called my sister.

She didn't answer her phone.

I began having a panic attack.

What if I needed stitches?

What if my finger fell off?

My sister quickly called me back.

I started crying.

And then I started hyperventilating.

We talked for a while.

She calmed me down.

So I bandaged my finger.

And blew my nose.

I went back into the kitchen.

And ate dinner.

Red beans and rice--without the fruit.

*How to make Red Beans and Rice:
Cook hot sausage and onions.  Add red beans, bottled tomatoes, celery, black pepper, hot sauce.  Let simmer.  Serve over rice.

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