Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Story of Two Donuts

Once there was a donut,
Sitting on a plate.
Round, and glazed, and shiny,
It was looking rather great.

I almost placed it in my hand
to appease my hunger faint.
But a moment's pause acknowledged
my new diet it would taint.

Telling myself no, no, to
the gooey glazey sweet,
I went back to my office
and forgot about the treat.

Minutes passed and up again
I went about my daily work
And suddenly a second donut
began beckoning with a smirk.

But this time it was chocolate--
cakey frosted brown--
My resolve was lost, my will
was gone, I was going down.

I took one bite, two and more,
until the deed was done.
And then I looked around and sighed,
for the donut indeed had won.

The moral of the story is
that life is full of woe,
And instead of eating all the donut,
I should just focus on the hole.



Jennie Mabey said...

You get paid to write poetry at your job? Awesome! Next time I see a donut I will definitely take your advice.

crystal said...

That is awesome! Now I want a donut...

Liv said...

Now I want Krispy Kreme.

Nathan said...

Beautiful and tragic. Tonight I craved donuts, drove to Costco with the nubbins to buy a box of those delicious Dunford Chocolate Cake donuts. They were all gone. As we walked defeated from the store I passed a lady eating pizza with one of the last glorious boxes of donuts sitting on top of groceries in her cart. Tragic and beautiful. Lovely poem.