Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dial M for...Menopause?

We had pizza for dinner last night.  Attached to the box was a coupon for free cookie dough if you take their survey.  Never one to pass up free stuff, this morning I dialed the number, took the survey, and got my free cookie dough code. 

While I was in the 1-800 mood, I pulled out my two recent Costa Vida receipts to get my free dessert (because they do that!  Check your receipt!).  The first went without incident, and I dialed the number for the second.  In my haste, I transposed two of numbers and dialed wrong.  Instead of hearing Chef Dave-from-Costa-Vida's pleasant voice, I heard "Thank you for ordering Zestra.  A representative will be with you soon."

Zestra?  Since I had no idea what that was, I looked it up.'s a drug for women...specifically pre- and feel...more...when know...


And all I wanted was a free dish of flan.

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