Friday, February 11, 2011

Random Friday Thoughts

I caught myself singing the Friday Song in the shower today without even realizing what I was doing. 
I guess my subconscious was really excited that the weekend is finally here.

My boss asked me the other day if I had enough "balance" in my life. 
I guess it was her way of telling me that I work too much.

If you run on a treadmill for awhile after a long time of not running on anything,
your body is really sore the next day.

One of my favorite things to listen to at work is my Pandora Motown playlist. 
I call it my "Temptation Station".

I must have slept funny last night because when I woke up this morning both of my hands were asleep,
which made turning off my alarm rather difficult.

It has been National School Counseling Week all week long and I have done nothing to celebrate it. 
But then, I'm not technically a school counselor (yet), so I'm not sure if I qualify.

My boyfriend will be here in 163 hours. 
 But who's counting?


Diana Smith said...

YAYA Keith is coming!! I hope to you see you two lovebirds!And you can meet Olivia!

Aly said...

Don't get too excited about National School Counselor week. Nobody in the school hardly recognizes that it is Counselor Week. It is nothing like teacher appreciation. Students don't recognize it. I think the only ones who do are the counselors. School Counselors are like the red-headed step children of education :)