Monday, November 29, 2010

My Weekend:

9:00 am:     Go to Zumba and the store
10:45 am:   Arrive home, clean the bathroom, shower
11:15 am:   Prepare for Thanksgiving
2:30 pm:     Commence eating Thanksgiving
4:15 pm:     Go for a walk
5:00 pm:     Pie Time!
6:00 pm:     Clean up
8:00 pm:     Peruse Black Friday ads
9:00 pm:     Talk to boyfriend
11:30 pm:   Fall asleep on the couch still fully clothed

1:53 am:     Wake up
2:07am:      Go to Walgreen's
2:42 am:     Arrive at Kohl's, stay in the car until 3:00
3:48 am:     Stalk the Target parking lot
4:07 am:     Leave Target because there is no way that many people are going to fit inside that store
4:39 am:     Arrive at JCPenney, move to Macy's
6:14 am:     Go home, eat breakfast
6:49 am:     Radio Shack and Smith's Marketplace
8:00 am:     Go home and crash on the couch
11:15 am:   Wake up, shower, eat lunch
12:00 pm:   Have no recollection of what you did because you were in a fog.  More shopping...?
7:00 pm:     Eat dinner at Iggy's with friends, chat and play games at their freezing apartment
12:00 am:   Arrive home, do the dishes for your mother
1:00 am:     Say goodnight

6:00 am:     Wake up because your throat is on fire.  Go back to sleep
9:53 am:     Awake to your mother asking you a question and your cellphone ringing
10:45 am:   Shower, dress, and make toffee.  Go to the grocery store
2:00 pm:     Rock your nephew to sleep and nod off yourself
3:30 pm:     Start cooking, make a triple batch of taquitos, and listen to the game (Go UTES!)
5:15 pm:     Arrive at the church to finish setting up
5:45 pm:     Have a party
8:30 pm:     Clean up
9:30 pm:     Talk to boyfriend
10:45 pm:   Finish watching a movie with your mom
12:00 am:   Somehow make it to your bed

9:07 am:     Wake up because someone is knocking on your door
9:08 am:     Notice it is snowing like crazy
9:10 am:     Jump in the shower and don't wash your hair
9:36 am:     Finally make it to your parent's ward, catching the last 7 minutes of Relief Society
12:05 pm:   Get home, eat lunch
1:23 pm:     Go outside and start shoveling
4:15 pm:     Go outside and shovel again
4:45 pm:     Give up and go inside.  Eat dinner and watch the Amazing Race
8:00 pm:     Put your 7 loads of laundry away
10:00 pm:   Take an ibuprofen and go to bed.

No wonder I'm so tired today.


Diana Smith said...

I hope you know that I really enjoyed reading this post haha!

Erin said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Wanna go Karaoke singing with us next weekend? We could even go milk a cow at 5:00 first!

Jennie Mabey said...

Crazy life! Glad you made snuggle time for the baby. He loves that