Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chuck Meets Alice

 Do any of you ever watch Chuck?  You know, the geeky guy with a computer in his brain who is now working for the CIA?  Yeah, basically it is my favorite t.v. show ever.  Did you happen to catch last night's episode?  Where Chuck's spy mom and her bad-guy boyfriend visit the family for Thanksgiving? 

Having watched the show while finishing my Cyber Monday shopping, I must have had Chuck on the brain when I went to bed because I dreamed about it last night.  But, it was a more Alice in Wonderland than Chuck-like spy dream. 

There I was, having dinner with Chuck, his mom, and her bad-guy boyfriend, when suddenly things got out of hand.  Chuck was doing kungfu, I was twirling knives, and the other two were alternately eating peas and carrots.  Peas and carrots, you ask?  Yes.  You see, the peas made a person instantly grow bigger and stronger, and the carrots made them shrink back to normal size.  We then fought for our lives, Chuck and me versus Mrs B. and friend.

I definitely see where the Chuck aspect comes into the dream, but the Alice in Wonderland reference?  I'm guessing it has something to do with the note I found on my pillow Saturday that read, "Don't eat me."

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