Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Last 24 Hours:

When I got off of work early yesterday,
that was awesome.

When I lost my shoe while boarding the train and
some random stranger picked it up for me,
that was funny.

When I left my jacket on the same train and
went back for it two minutes later to find it was already gone,
that was upsetting.

When I slept for an amazing 10 hours last night,
that was obviously needed.

When I knocked the orange juice out of the fridge this morning 
and it didn't spill or bust open,
that was a miracle.

When I nearly dropped my nephew while holding him but didn't,
that was lucky.

When I went to the store and ended up wasting $5.60 of my $10 coupon,
that was less than exciting.

When I paid for and brought home lunch for everyone only
to find that everyone had already eaten,
that was frustrating.

When I had ice cream melt all over my car,
that was not completely unexpected.

When I spilled an entire bottle of peaches and sugar water
all over the kitchen,
that was the last straw.

I think I should stop before I hurt someone.

1 comment:

Erin said...

Don't you just hate those type of days? Sorry about your jacket.