Thursday, August 12, 2010

Incriminating Evidence

Someone has been in my room
and has been playing with my camera...

Please pardon the mess:

(Turn your volume up so you can hear it.)


Okay.  (Whispering)
This is my bedroom.  It's very...unobvious.
Whoa!  We have my pile of laundry...and another one over there.
Look at the bookshelf, and another one,
and a little desk that's..... (inaudible)
and I got some crazy books stuff,
and all sorts of st-uuuff.

Obviously my little intruder didn't care about covering her tracks--
as I have a video with voice recording to give to the courts.
And I'm sure, if we dusted, her smudgy 8-year-old prints would be everywhere.

Now the question is:
If my door was unlocked,
can it still be charged as breaking and entering?

1 comment:

Chelsea H. Huffaker said...

I am impressed that she knew how to shoot a video with your camera. What's hilarious is that she calls it "my bedroom." Either she's pretending to be you or she made the mess. Funny!