Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sympathy Smiles

I received a multitude of sympathy smiles last night when on the train. 

While we were waiting to leave the station, this weird old guy started talking to me.  He told me about how he hates technology, how he can't stand Lady Gaga, how he has a paratransit pass (tells you something right there), and how he is going to get fake teeth as soon as the remaining three fall out. 

Yeah, everyone was similing alright--smiling because they were glad he was talking to me, not to them.

After he listed the many foods he can/cannot eat with/without his teeth, this gentleman told me how he hasn't smoked a single cigarette for over 78 days.

"Yep," he says, "smoking is killing me.  The best $130 I ever spent was to help me quit smoking."

Does Nicorette cost that much?  $130?  I didn't think so.  He continued,

"I get a social security check for about $1300 every month.  I was sick of smoking, so I decided I was going to pay my tithing.  We made a deal:  If I paid my tithing, then God would help me quit smoking.  So I did my part and I guess God did his part becuase I haven't smoked for near 90 days.  Best money I've ever spent."

And then I smiled because this old man was schooling me and no one else was listening.

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