Wednesday, July 7, 2010

If the Shoe Fits...or Doesn't...

I have a love/hate relationship with new shoes.  It just seems that new shoes, without exception, never seem to fit quite as right at home as they did in the store.  They end up being either too big or too small.  They rub holes in my heels, fall off my feet, or pinch my little toes, and it isn't very comfortable

Today I am wearing new shoes.  Black flats with little flowers pinned along the side.  They are stinking cute, and as I was in need of new black flats, I couldn't pass them up.  (I couldn't pass up a second pair in silver, either.)  But they just don't fit right.  They're too big and keep flopping off my feet.  And in an attempt to make them stay on, I try to modify the way I walk, but I end up just looking like I have problems.  Which I do.  With my shoes.

Maybe if my feet were the same size to begin with (instead of my right being slightly bigger than my left), I wouldn't have such problems.

Maybe if the store didn't strap both shoes together and pin on anti-theft devices, I would have been able to determine if they actually fit before I bought them.

Maybe if I hadn't been shopping late on a very hot summer afternoon, my feet wouldn't have been as swollen and I could have foregone the 'wide'.

Maybe I'm just destined to never have shoes that fit just right.


Good thing I brought flip flops as backup.

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Erin said...

Do you still have those shoes that we bought in Taiwan. Mine were purple and I think yours were red. Fun times!