Friday, May 7, 2010

A Rose by Any Other Name Wouldn't Be Nearly as Sweet

The Social Security Administration recently released their list of most popular baby names in 2009. As the names are ranked by popularity, the SSA's list is awesome in that it helps me to decide what NOT to name my chidren when I finally have them. I mean, really, why would I want my kids to have the same name as everyone else?

While looking at their list of Top 500 names by gender for the year, I was utterly shocked to see my own name on there. We all know Jillian is not a hugely popular name. True, I am named Jillian, and I have a good friend Jillian, and I have met other Jillians here and there, but never in a hundred years would I think that I would make the Top 500 for 2009. But there I was, sandwiched between Annabelle and Aliyah, ranked at number 157 for girls. 157! That's high! Maybe someone finally took my advice and named their child after me.

It got me curious to see who else in the family ranked in the top 500. Surprisingly, all my siblings made the list:

Daniel, #7
Ryan, #19
Megan, #105
Jennifer, #109
Jillian, #157
Chelsea, #231

What can I say? The parents of today have great taste.

Click here to see the rankings and SSA's article.


Laura said...

So I looked at the list I'm # 235. It's funny, I looked up my neices names NONE of them were even in the top 1000. HMM.. maybe because not very many people Name their kids Corduroy, Clover, or Adylin(the most normal). Cambria was 993 I think for 2009.:) Thanks for the fun.

Chelsea H. Huffaker said...

That is funny! I bet your name is climbing in part because of Jillian Michaels on the Biggest Loser. I think my name has dropped in the last few years with the Clintons out of the White House. Very interesting!