Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dating, Diamonds, and Delicious Diversions

Weekend Recap:

Dating: Saturday night I went on a date. I know, shocker. But before you get too excited let me prefrence it by saying he was a nice guy. Nothing more, nothing less. My cousin set me up and we went out. We went to a dance. We danced every song together. And then on the very last song when you really should dance with your date, he ditched me. Ditched me!! The date had crumbled before then but I thought he would try for a little saving grace. I was wrong.

Diamonds: Chelsea and Dave have made it official. Dave proposed to Chelsea last night, she said yes, and neither of them have stopped grinning since. The wedding is TBA but most likely in April. And the ring! It is gorgeous and huge and shiny and reflects the light very nicely. Yippee!!

Delicious Diversions: I baked two different kinds of cookies the other night. They were for a baptism, but that was just an excuse. Really, I just wanted to make cookies. I was in a baking mood. Using our ol' trusty Cookie Cookbook, I made chocolate orange drops (a personal favorite (how can you go wrong with cream cheese, chocolate chips, and orange zest?)), and molasses ginger cookies (a first try and pretty good, with the perfect amount of Christmas smell). Tasty.

I know, I'm living on the edge... And you thought your life was daring!

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