Monday, December 15, 2008

A Christmas Riddle

Q: How long does it take a returned-sister missionary (who may or may not have blonde hair) and her trusty dictionary (which is falling apart at the binding) to write 25+ Christmas cards in Chinese to her peeps in Taiwan?

A: A really, really long time.

Q: And what does said returned missionary get in return?

A: Love, joy, and hand cramps.

Merry Christmas!

(and 加油!)


Megs said...

Good work! Oh I wish I was doing that for all of my Hungarian friends... oh I suck.

Megan Di said...

I know how long it takes because you are refusing to go to FHE with me. You are most definately going to miss your chance to find the love of you life because he's there and you're not. And now you're thinking 'yeah, right!' and I second that motion.