Monday, August 18, 2008

Just Gassing

The other day I received a Tesoro Gas Gift Card in the mail for getting good grades last semester (who knew all those A's and B's added up to $8.00 worth of free gas? Thanks Mom for helping me with refunds). Tonight, as I was coming home from a thing I thought, I'm going to be driving right past the Tesoro; maybe I'll stop to get gas. The gas was $3.99/gallon, so that meant I could get 2 full gallons of gas, with 2 cents worth to spare. Not a bad deal. Well, I pull up, open the tank, swipe my card, lift the nozzle, push the start button, and begin fueling. Now, you have to understand I never buy gas from Tesoro and am unfamiliar with their pumps. It wasn't until the meter read over $5.00 that I realized my gas was ringing up $4.23/gallon, not $3.99 like it should be. Yep, I got my free $8.00 worth -- in SUPER UNLEADED gasoline -- a mite less than 2 gallons. Oops! Let's just hope Izzy (my car) can live off the finer stuff of life for a few days and doesn't develop permanently refined taste buds.

***"Gassing" means 1-to supply with gas or 2-to indulge in idle, empty talk. In my case, it just means being stupid. And so, no, I was not being crude (excuse the pun).***

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