Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dreams Benny

As Keith and I pulled up to the stop light the other day, he remarked that the guy in the car next to us looked like Ryan Gosling with a beard.

His observation let loose a long stream of thought from me.  I have never understood Ryan Gosling's sex appeal.  I mean, he isn't that good looking.  And what was it with all those memes I would see on pinterest and the internet?  "Hey Girl, blah, blah, blah"?  What did that even mean?  What movie was that from?  Why would anyone swoon over such an ugly phrase?  Why not "Darling" or "My Dear"?  Make it beautiful, not stupid.

Keith laughed at my diatribe and suggested that perhaps my imagination was more advanced or my fantasies more sophisticated to expect to be called darling or dear rather than hey girl.  I rolled my eyes as I've never been one to harbor celebrity crushes, let alone fantasy about them. The light changed, and as we drove on, the conversation was forgotten.

I think Keith was right, however, to say that my fantasies are more sophisticated than Ryan Gosling. 

The proof??  

That night I dreamed of Benendict Cumberbatch.


Lauren Donna said...

Jill, I laughed right out loud at your last line! I've had a few dreams about BC andI have never really understood the appeal of Ryan Gosling either. I hated The Notebook and I think this is where most women really latched onto him. He's definitely not one of my favorites! Let's hope our refined taste never changes, haha.

Erin said...

Bennedict C. Yum! But, I'm more of a Hugh Jackman fan :)