Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentine's Day/February 15th

I had all sorts of plans for a fancy dinner on Valentine's Day. I was going to make wedge salads for an appetizer (you know, those salads that restaurants charge $9 for, but are only a hunk of iceberg lettuce with some bacon and blue cheese?), then we were going to have Steak Oscar (steak topped with crab and Bearnaise sauce) with roasted potatoes and asparagus, and to finish, molten lava cakes for dessert.  It was going to be a fantastic and romantic meal.

But, by the time Valentine's Day came, our plans changed.  Keith ended up having the day off of work, I ended up not feeling like cooking a big dinner, and we ended up going to a Chinese buffet for lunch instead.

Seriously, nothing says LOVE like stuffing your faces together--and being 100% comfortable while doing so.

After lunch, Keith set up his new computer, I rearranged our furniture, and we had a perfectly lovely, relaxing day.  No stress, no pressure.  It was wonderful.

Keith had to work his regular Saturday shift the next day, and I began missing our big fancy dinner that we never had the day before.  I set the table with a cloth and my makeshift candlesticks.  I set out a salad fork, a dinner fork, knife and spoon, a dessert spoon at top, with a goblet, instead of a glass.  Since I hadn't bought the planned steak and crab, I basically just cleaned out the fridge to make my dinner.

Displaying IMG_20140215_200427.jpgOnce Keith got home (an hour plus late), I lit the candles, popped the bubbly (sparkling white grape juice), and served dinner--chicken alfredo pizza (one of Keith's favorites).  It was fun, having the table set so fancily and prettily, with all of the utensils and such, only to eat dinner with our hands.  We did have molten lava cakes for dessert, like the original Valentine's Day plan, and boy, were they sure delicious!

I loved our little February 15th celebration. I loved the casual fanciness and the randomness of our dinner.  A new Valentine's/ Belated Valentine's/mid-Frebruary tradition?  Maybe.

Overall, it was just a great Valentine's weekend, mostly because I got to spend it with my Valentine.  He may drive me absolutely crazy at times, but I absolutely love him.  Lucky for me, he is stuck with me forever.

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Erin said...

Definitely lucky him! Course, I am biased. I totally agree on the wedge salad though. Such a rip-off