Thursday, October 17, 2013

Saying Goodbye

The hardest part about leaving Edmonton was leaving the friends we had made.  I struggled making friends once we moved up there.  I wasn't working or going to school, so my social circle completely consisted of church.  I never made many friends in Edmonton, but the ones I did make are amazing!  We were so far from any family, that our friends really became our family.  We would have weekend dinners and Sunday dinners, date nights and game nights, holiday feasts and temple trips together.  They were/are a wonderful support system.

Our friends were great in helping us move.  We couldn't have done it without them.  They fed us dinners and breakfasts, and helped us load up the moving truck and clean the apartment.  It was so difficult to say goodbye to them. I am so thankful for them and love them very much!

 Girls side: Kenji and Trina Hara, Analee Razeau, Tara Tasse
Boys side:  Will Hara, Lauren Razeau, Ray Tasse

With Carmen Tribiger.  She and her husband Eric were so awesome when Keith and I moved to town.  They gave us a bunch of furniture and kitchen stuff for free.  And she gave me a job!...or allowed me to babysit her cute kids.

With Analee

Keith with Kenji, Will, and Lauren 

My cute primary class.  I loved teaching them!! 

Hopefully our Edmonton friends can come visit us soon, because I miss them like crazy!!

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r said...

I want to visit you guys!!!

Miss your family in my life.

Hope you are doing well. :)