Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our Summer Vacation

We were able to go on a short vacation in August.  We headed over to Vernon for to spend some time with Keith's family.  We had a great time relaxing, playing games, and having fun.  We went to the lake, floated down the river, went to a wedding, watched an open-water swim race, swam in the pool, and just had a good time with family.

Kalamalka Lake.  There's a little dot way out in the middle of the picture.  That's Keith's head.
 He just couldn't resist the water, stripped down, and jumped right on in.
If only us girls could live with such abandonment...

Niece Dean.  She's a water baby and thinks she can swim.

Keith's sister, Dawn, and brother, Caleb, swam in an open-water meet on Okanagan Lake.
 It was so fun to cheer them on. 

 Cousin, Corey, and fiancee, Nicole, got married.  It was awesome!

I had a weird thought as we were driving home at the end of the week.  As this trip was falling over our anniversary, it was also almost marking a year since we moved to Edmonton.  That evening, as we pulled into the city, I couldn't help but remember how exactly 364 days previously (one year minus one day) we were doing the exact same thing, at the exact same time. The difference is that the first time we were going to a new place to start a new life, and this last time we were going home.  It was kind of an eerie feeling to realize how similar the drive and arrival were to our first arrival a year ago.

We had a fantastic vacation!

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