Friday, November 2, 2012

The Guys With the Piano

Have you ever heard of ThePianoGuys?  Or, Jon Schmidt and his cello-playing-Steve-friend?  Well if you haven't heard of them, it's a good thing you're here.  They are pretty darn cool, play really awesome music, and make me wish I were a much better musician.  And all it takes is a grand piano and a cello.  Or 8 cellos and no piano.  Or 4 cellos, 2 pianos, and a drum machine.

I watch this video all the time and I think you should too.  Enjoy!


Melinda said...

Not a day goes by in our house without some Piano Guys and Molly dancing along. Some mornings they are the only reason I can have her entertained long enough to take a shower.

Jennie said...

Colette loves those guys and is planning to play the cello next school year in orchestra. hope she enjoys lugging that huge thing back and forth to school via the bus!