Friday, November 23, 2012

Getting Ready for Christmas

I've been on all day long, trying to figure out what to buy my family for Christmas.  Considering the price of mailing boxes from Canada to Utah, I thought it would just be best if I bought online and had the gifts send directly from the distributor to my parents', who could then divvy and wrap the gifts (Thanks, Mom!).

I finally settled on some gifts and sent in the order.  I think I did well, considering I was buying for 6 families and considering that I was not able to fully and physically participate in Black Friday.  But, I got to sleep in this morning and take my time shopping, all while sitting on the couch.  I'm not missing it too much.

Now, only Keith and his family left to shop for.  Wish me luck!


Liv said...

I can't believe you buy for your WHOLE family! I'm so glad that when all my siblings were moved out, we switched to a "secret santa" swap and my mom just draws names for us. I'd be stressing so much if I had to get gifts for everyone and their dog. And I'm not even in another country!

Good job!

Jennie said...

Wow you outdid yourself! I didn't shop yesterday at all and know I didn't miss out on anything!!!!! Only crazy people go shopping on Black Friday. !!! Oh don't tell everyone we know that I think they are crazy. Shhhhh