Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Canadian Thanksgiving

We just celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada.  Considering that Canadians were actually the first to celebrate Thanksgiving, it just isn't quite the same as the American holiday.  They put up a good show, but we Americans know how to party right.

Anyway, we kind of spread the holiday over two days.  We were originally going to just have dinner on Monday (the holiday), but then we were invited to the neighbors for dinner on Sunday.  So, we split our food and had Thanksgiving twice.  

On Sunday I cooked the duck we bought in place of a turkey.  I'd never cooked a duck before, and it probably isn't something I'll make too often in the future.  It was easy to do, but there is very little meat on a duck and it dries out easily.  I made a salad and cooked up our apple pie, and took it upstairs where we added ribs and mashed potatoes to the table.

Monday was a little more traditional.  I whipped up stuffing, potatoes, yams, and Yorkshire pudding that we ate with chicken legs.

Overall it was a good holiday.  Any ideas on how to make American Thanksgiving spectacular in a foreign country?


Megan Di said...

You could come to America for the holiday. :)

Jennie said...

The food looks good to me! How fun!

Chelsea H. Huffaker said...

Good idea! Come party with us. We'll set places at the table for you!