Monday, October 1, 2012


Keith and I drove down to Calgary today.  Calgary is 3 hours from Edmonton, and between the two cities is a whole lot of nothing.  It was actually a really nice drive and helped me to finally admit to myself that autumn is finally and officially here (it is supposed to be a chilly 8 degrees C tomorrow.  Brr!).

Anyway, the big reason to go to Calgary was to attend the Calgary Alberta Temple Open House.  We met up with Keith's friends the Van Shaiks (my friends too!!) who live in Lethbridge, 3 hours south of Calgary, and as we live 3 hours north, the temple was the perfect place to meet up.

The temple was beautiful, as they all are.  My favorite thing by far were the stained-glass windows.  Sure, every temple has a little stained-glass here or there, but the Calgary temple's windows were gorgeous.  I think the color is a little more vibrant.  And I loved the door handles too, with molded wheat and roses.  Yet, there were a few things about the interior and grounds that caught my attention, particularly the temple's state of incompletion!!  It was surprising to see that there were things inside the temple that just weren't quite done yet, such as the absent molding around the staircases, the missing grout between the granite tiles on the floor, and some left behind blue painters' tape.  It is nice to know, however, that the work continues on and all will be perfect for the dedication later this month.

With Peter, Karma, Eli, and Braden

It was a little windy...and cold.  Welcome to Canada, Jill!

My little buddy, Eli.

A closer view of the windows.  Picture wheat.

Afterwards, we had a late lunch at Applebee's and then headed home.  What a fun day to be with friends and go to the House of the Lord!!

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Jennie said...

What a beautiful temple. Glad you had a fun time