Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Generic Taste Buds

Canada has a few oddities when it comes to groceries and grocery shopping. A few examples:
You have to pay a refundable dollar deposit to use a "buggy" (or, shopping cart to us non-Queen's-English-speaking folks), and if you just use a basket, you have to unload it yourself before you stick it on the belt.

Yet, despite the rules and etiquette of the marketplace, Canada has some creativity issues with their food.

First, there's the popular generic brand of things.  It is actually called "No Name".  No Name peanut butter, No Name jam, No Name honey.  You would think they could have thought of something a little more original.

And second, there are the potato chips, which may perhaps be a little too far off the charts.  I mean, Tandoori and Schezuan seasoned aside, who in their right mind would go for Hot Dot flavored crisps?

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Jennie said...

I think the person who came up with the "No Name" was being clever, actually. Easy to remember and that's what many people call generic brand anyway. Hope all is well!