Thursday, May 24, 2012

Today I Ate Goat

Erin and I went out for lunch to celebrate her upcoming birthday (Happy Birthday, Erin!!!).  Something that is great about Erin is that she is kind of like my "food buddy".  Other than Keith, she is the only person I can persuade to eat sushi with me, she is the only person who go out for Thai with me, and she is the only person who dreams about Taiwanese tomato soup the way I dream about Taiwanese guavas.  That's right, kindred spirits.  So, when Erin and I go for lunch, we go for lunch.  

Today we needed something quick and delicious, so we decided to head down to a local Indian buffet.  They had all sorts of curry dishes, naan, rice, yellow rice, and wide variety of vegetarian options.  As I perused the selections, I took a little of this and then a little of that, and then I saw it.  A brownish meat swimming in a sea of red curry sauce.  The sign above simply read, "Goat Meat".

Now, how was I supposed to pass that up?  I mean, if you know me (and you should), I am a sucker for new and usual foods.  I always lean toward the different and unexpected.  And I am definitely up for an adventure.

I took a little scoop and plopped on my plate, next to the naan and the chicken curry.  I sat down at the table, spread my napkin over my lap, took hold of my knife and fork, looked with glee upon my meal, and dug in.  

Of course I tried the goat first.  How could I not?  I pricked the brown lump with my fork and it instantly fell apart.  Isn't Indian food great that way?  How the meats are so tender and the spices are just the perfect blend to make the food so delicate and delicious?  I brought the fork to my mouth and took a bite. 

It wasn't fact, it tasted pretty good.  I don't know what I was expecting, but it tasted exactly how I expected it to.

There was something about it, though.  Something that was different than all appearances had led me to believe. to describe it...  I guess if I could only use one word I would say...that goat is...


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