Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Recent Adventures

10 Things I've Done in the Last 10 Days:
  1. Graduated graduate school
  2. Rented my first car
  3. Was splashed by a dolphin
  4. Got a new stamp in my passport
  5. Swam in the ocean
  6. Ate a cocoa nut and fruit
  7. Got a really, really bad sunburn
  8. Drove my first dune buggy
  9. Received my first massage
  10. Changed my facebook status to "Engaged"
Which adventure would you like to hear about first?


crystal said...

You really have to ask? ;) But really I want to hear the story in person. We need to get together soon!

Eliza said...


...and really, the others as well but DEFIANTLY number ten first :D Congratulations!

Melinda said...

Um, obviously the engagement story. It's the most exciting of the whole list...not that the other things are great too. Congrats!

Camille Rogers said...

YIPEE!! So excited for you Jill!!!