Friday, April 6, 2012


My mom and I stopped at Deseret Book this evening.  Just as we were walking out of the door to head home, I caught one last whiff of their Lion House rolls.  Only partially joking, I said to my mother that I had really wanted a pie, but we were now leaving without one.  She surprised me by promptly turning around, charging right back into the store, and walking straight to the Pantry counter.  There we found a beautiful thing: we found a coconut cream pie for 50% off.  Nothing like a Lion House pie for 6 bucks! 

Later, as we were eating the pie at home, I was reminded of a slip of paper I found a few months ago.  I was digging in some old scrapping stuff my mother had and I found a poem I had written in 4th or 5th grade.  I was surprised that my mother had kept this little poem of mine for so many years, and had stowed it away with photos and other memories.  I was surprised she had kept it...but not really because, you see, my mother always knew I would one day be a writer.


The Banana Cream Pie, by Jill 
(4th or 5th grade Jill)

I'm sorry I threw the pie in your face,
With bananas and cream all over the place.

With cream in your eyes and cream in your hair,
With cream in your nose you looked like a bear.

The bananas and cream looked so tempting to me
and that is why I threw the pie, you see.

If you want to, I am the one to blame.
All I was doing was playing a game.

With everyone laughing and rolling around,
It was extremely funny, is one thing I found.

I won't do it again for all the world's money,
But then, you did kind of look quite funny.

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Jennie said...

you are talented, even back then. Really like it.