Thursday, April 19, 2012

My 2-Week Notice

I just submitted the following as my graduation reflection for our graduation program in two weeks.  Can you believe it???  Only two weeks away and then I'll be done!  Hooray!!!  I just didn't know what to write, so I just started writing.  That line of thinking got me through 3 years of graduate school, so it can't be completely terrible, can it?

"To tell the truth, I was incredibly nervous to go to graduate school.  It was new and unknown and I didn’t know what to expect.  I was afraid that it would be more difficult than I had bargained for.  After our first day of classes, however, I was rather surprised when the thought, “This is going to be fun!” crossed my mind.  Looking back, it was fun--and crazy and chaotic and wild and challenging and wonderful all at the same time.  It has been tough, but it has been a great experience.  I have been pushed beyond my comfort zone, I have been pulled and stretched further than I thought possible, and I have accomplished more than I ever dreamed.  What’s more, I have made some really great friends.  Even though school sometimes meant long days and late nights, I was glad that I wasn’t doing it alone, that my friends were right there with me.  The last three years have been amazing.  Yet, I now find myself once more nervous.  I am again afraid of the new and unknown.  This time, however, I have the confidence and skills to face the new challenge head on.  And I know for certain that this adventure, wherever it leads, is going to be fun."

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