Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Once, near the end of my mission, it had rained for days.
We had zero investigators and, because of the rain,
there was no one on the streets to talk to.

One morning, after not finding any new souls to save,
and it having rained all day,
I decided I had had enough.

On the way back to our apartment for lunch and WPS,
I had a very brilliant, very wet idea.

Why just walk home when you can puddle jump home??

And that's what I did.
I splashed and sloshed in the overflowing gutter for a good 5 minutes
while my companion stared on in shock.

I was soaked above my knees.
I could feel dirt and grit in my shoes.
My skirt was sticking to my legs.
And I was having a great time.

I forgot about our lack of investigators.
I forgot about the soggy skies.
And I forgot to feel sorry for myself.

Lately, the rain has been figurative,
and the forecast is promising more.
But I am ready for some sunshine,
whether or not the sunshine is ready for me.

So, I'm just going to keep on puddle jumping and hope for the best.

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