Sunday, April 1, 2012

5 Things

  1. I attended a cooking class with Megan the other night.  We learned how to make gnocchi.  Now, not only  am I a gnocchi-making fiend, I can finally cross off the first item on my life list for 2012 ("Take some random and ridiculous class").  Nothing is as random as gnocchi.
  2. My dad had the hiccups the other day.  This is significant for 2 reasons.  First, in all my 28 years, I don't think I had ever heard my father hiccup (my mother, who has been married to him for almost 33 years, acknowledge the same fact).  And second, I now know where I inherited my very loud and often uncontrollable hiccuping.
  3. Last night I saw the Hunger Games with my friends Jill and Crystal.  I thought the movie very well done and it was so fun to go with my girls!  I did shed a tear or two when Rue died, but it was much better controlled then the buckets I cried when I read the scene in the book.
  4. Friday night I attended my mission reunion.  I only went because Sister Yang, my second to last mission companion and my trainee from Taiwan, was going to be there and I haven't seen her for 5 years.  It was great to see her and nice to get a hug from President and Sister Nielson, even though I didn't know anyone else there, couldn't find a parking spot within a block of the church, and was falling asleep during the devotional. 
  5. As April is National Poetry Month and as I feel like I should show my blog some love, I've decided to sign up for Nablopomo again.  Do you know what that means?  That means that not only do I get to blog every day for the month, I also get to write some poems.  Lucky you. 


Melinda said...

I love gnocchi! It's so delicious when smothered with alfredo sauce!

I think there were some tears from me when Rue died too. Loved the movie!!

Sadie Dear said...

Lucky for us, indeed! I'm glad to prowl around and meet my fellow NaBloPoMo'ers... good luck posting every day!