Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sushi Related Thoughts

My stomach's been a little out of sorts today.  Yet, when I thought about lunch, I thought, "SUSHI!!"  So, I did what any girl who is mildly obsessed with raw fish and rice would do and I bought myself a little carton of sushi from Smith's and gobbled it right up.

Now, when eating sushi, there are two very important rules to remember--

RULE #1:  Never eat sushi on a queasy stomach.  Normally, queasy stomachs do not take kindly to seaweed and wasabi. 

RULE #2:  Never eat sushi that has been bought at the grocery store--especially on a queasy stomach.  Sushi from the grocery store has little to no taste and is slightly mushy, and the stomach just doesn't like it

So, you see, when I ate sushi for lunch today, I completely disregarded both of these rules.  To disregard one rule is bad enough, but to disregard both...  But then, I am "mildly obsessed", so who can fault me?  Even if it took my stomach some convincing to keep it down.

Anyway, thinking about sushi got me thinking about sushi:

First, I started thinking about how, even before I met Keith, I wrote this about a sushi-loving man. 

And then I started thinking about how almost every time I go to Canada, Keith and I usually eat sushi for our first dinner together and argue over who gets the last piece.  And he lets me eat all of the ginger, whether there is any sushi left or not.

And that got me thinking about how I can't wait to break out the sushi making kit I bought myself for Christmas for some future date night with Keith so we can try to make it ourselves.

And I remembered how on my latest trip, there we were eating our traditional opening night sushi, but this time we were eating it with chopsticks, in the car, while driving, in the total darkness that is Canada at 5:00 on a winter's eve.  It was fun...and completely awesome!

So, when I think of sushi, I think of Keith.

And that's when I came to the conclusion that I only really wanted sushi for lunch today because, due to the laws of association, I just REALLY wanted Keith.  But since he is a thousand miles away and really not readily edible, I needed a substitute.  Hence, the sushi.

I'll tell you what though: Even if the sushi had been amazing and I hadn't a queasy stomach, the meal probably still would have left me unhappy and unsatisfied.  Because no matter how tasty the sushi could have been, Keith is still far more delicious.


Megan said...

this might be my favorite post you've ever written. so cute. I can't imagine how you've managed a long distance relationship. I thought Provo to WX was bad. hope you get a "sushi" fix soon.

Erin said...

I hooe you get your sushi fix soon. That is awesome that he likes sushi as well. I would think a long distance relationship is super hard and hopefully it is almost over.