Tuesday, January 31, 2012

'Bums' the Word

At school yesterday, two kindergarten fraternal twins were sitting in the office, waiting for their babysitter to come pick them up.  I had just visited their respective classrooms earlier that day, so they seemed pretty excited to see me in the office.  I decided to hold a conversation with the two:

Me:  Hey, guys!  Are you two brothers? 
Twin #1: Yeah, we're brothers!
Twin #2:  We're twins!
Me:  Wow, twins?!  That's awesome!  You're in Mrs. T's class (to Twin #1), and you're in Miss M's class (to Twin #2), right?
Twin #1:  How did you know that?!  How could you tell us apart?!
Me:  I could tell cause I think you look different.  Do you look different or the same?
Twin #1:  Different!  I look like my dad!!
Twin #2:  And I look like my mom, 'cause my mom has a skinny butt, and I have a skinny butt too!!!

Unfortunately, their babysitter walked in right then, because these kids were hilarious!!!


Melinda said...

I miss teaching for this exact reason! Kids don't hold anything back and wouldn't that mom be so proud that her bum is being talked about so openly?

Bryce And Laura said...

I love working with kids, they say/ do the funniest things. Yesterday while waiting his turn, a second grader showed us his awesome moon walk all over the gym:)