Sunday, November 27, 2011


At the beginning of November, I signed up to blog every day for the month, like I had done earlier this year.  I thought, "Geez, so much goes on in November, there are so many holidays and so many opportunities to tell stories, I will have tons to say!"  However, this month has been kind of blah.  Yes, there has been a lot going on and a lot has happened, but I have been so crazy with things and life and work and stress that, on most days, I have nothing to say.  So, even though today has been somewhat relaxing, and all is going well, I find that today is really no different than all the others.  And as this day has been similar to most, this blog post is just like the majority I have written this month:  pointless.

Yet, never fear!  November only has 3 days left, and would I really ever forfeit a challenge when I am so close to the finish line??  NO!!!  Therefore, three more unnecessary blog post coming up!!

Aren't you excited?

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