Monday, November 14, 2011

Midway to Nowhere

This afternoon I drove to Midway.  This evening I drove home.  In the middle I got lost. 

It wasn't until the third area on my mission that I really gained a sense of direction.  I never felt comfortable leading in my first area, I felt constantly confused in my second, yet, the day I moved into area #3, I knew exactly where I was.  And since then, I can easily find my way around new places without ever having been there before. (I guess that's what you get when you learn to read a map in Chinese).

But tonight, I was a little turned around.  I was okay--I was on a main road that suddenly changed into a lonely canyon lane, so it was easy to realize that I had simply missed the turn off.  And then when I flipped around and took the first left, I knew something wasn't quite right as I couldn't remember the lake I now had out my window--but I eventually figured it out, although it took 4 or so extra miles. 

What do you do when you are lost?  Are you the type to stop and ask directions?  Or do you just blunder along until you get where you are supposed to go?


crystal said...

You were lost in Midway??? You should have called me! Glad you found you way home :)

Erin said...

I remember your awesome sense of direction in Taoyuan. You always could find your way home. I would trail along behind you (rather lost). I stop and ask for directions. I would really like to get a GPS.