Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pictures From Yellowstone

So...about a month ago the whole family went to Yellowstone. 
It was awesome.  Here are some pictures.

Jamison next to some stinky hole
Gibbons Falls

Another stinky hole

Coleman and William at Norris Geyser Valley

A Buffalo!!!

A big rock

Colette, Vera and Jamison at the 45th Parallel

The Petrified Tree

There is a moose in there...somewhere

Something crazy happened here a really long time ago

Tower Falls
A milky, stinky hole
Valley of the Stinky Holes

Old Faithful

Fire Hole Lake

Mom and Dad at Upper Falls

Coleman, Daniel, William, Maggie, and Megan (and some dude's backside) at Upper Falls

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

We had fun.  You should come next time.

P.S.  My apologies to any family members who were not featured in this long list of pictures.

P.P.S.  Where am I, you may ask? 
Honestly, I had a giant zit on my face the whole trip. 
No need to document that.

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