Friday, July 8, 2011

My Date-less Date

Keith told me I should take myself on a date.  So tonight, I did just that.  Well, it was more of a night in than a night out, because who needs crowds when they can have my company?
  • I bought dinner at Chipotle
  • I rented 2 Redbox movies
  • I busted out the Fresca
  • I popped popcorn
  • I whispered sweet nothings to my own ears, and
  • I snuggled with myself on the couch.
I had a great time!  In fact, I'm the best date I know (besides Keith, of course).

The best part is that the guy behind me in line at Chipotle asked if I wanted to have dinner with him.  I had to turn him down, as I already had other plans. :)


Lauren said...

Bahahaha! Sounds like fun!

Keith said...

You "had to turn him down, as [you] already had other plans"??? You better have had other reasons for turning him down... such as a very strong comitment to a person your friends refer to as "Canada."