Sunday, June 12, 2011


I had all these thoughts about what to blog tonight.  I thought about how today is the 4th anniversary of me coming home from my mission.  How the poppies outside are popping and bright and beautiful.  How we had a great birthday party for Clive and Colette with family and food.  How I slide down our giant slide in a skirt and then literally skied across the grass on my bare feet because I was going so fast.  And I thought about how life takes some unexpected turns and things happen and we never know where the road is going to leave us.

Yet, despite the multitude of thoughts, I find that I can't seem to write about any of them tonight.  They are too many and varied and I can't seem to sort through or organize them enough to write them down.

And so, they will have to wait.  Until I can figure it out or have a moment or find some time or think some more.

They will least until tomorrow.

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Whitney L. said...

This is a beautiful poetic post. You're a great writer!