Monday, June 28, 2010

Well, Learning By Osmosis is Out

I remember when I got my first B+.  It was in 10th grade, in Mr. Orme's Human Biology class.  I hated biology.  I then got another B+ the next year, in Pre-Algebra with Mrs. Ratz. I liked Pre-Algebra.  And then I went to college and got a B- in History of Rock and Roll.  And a C in Biology.  In the same semester.  Bad.  And then I lost my scholarship.  Really bad.  And if I hated biology before, I really hated it then.

I just got my grade for my first class this summer.  Um...let's just say it could have been better.  It's a mighty downfall from my lofty 4.0 of last semester.  But, while it isn't the best grade, it definitely could have been much worse.  I mean, I had mono, and I still pulled an above average grade; only, it is below average for me, and is slightly disappointing. 

Do you think if I had actually told my teacher I was sick she would have gone easy on me? 

P.S.  I still hate biology.


Erin said...

Well, I hate biology too. I never knew that you lost your scholarship because of grades. Anyway, I'm impressed that you were able to get a B+ being sick with mono.

Aly said...

Welcome to my world. Bad grades and me go hand in hand. The funny thing was, I did okay in high school, not so great in college (C's get degrees), but then I did exceptionally well in grad school (my worst grade was an A-) and now I'm taking classes for a "certificate" in Residential Planning and Design (it's not even a degree, it's a freaking certificate) and I just got a B+ in my color theory class. I got so used to A's and A-'s in grad school that I was disappointed with myself for a B+, which, at any other point in my life, I would have been excited about that B+. But, it's just a grade. Who cares. Grades are not necessarily an accurate measurement of intelligence. Didn't Albert Einstien fail math?

Sorry about the mono too. Been there myself. Unfortunately, I had to drop out of school for a quarter. I was really sick for a about a year and then for the next couple of years, it was like I had a constant cold that would not go away. I hope you feel better.