Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Loaves and Fishes (or Pizza and Baozi)

Do you ever have experiences where little miracles happen and it is revealed to you just how much Heavenly Father knows you and loves you?

I had a mission reunion last weekend. I didn't want to go, but I did. Of course I had fun and saw friends and met fiancees and felt the Spirit, but the best part was the food. Baozi. Lots of baozi. How did President (who had supplied the baozi) know that I hadn't had a baozi since probably my second transfer on Island and had been craving them as of late? The baozi made me happy.

It reminded me of a time while in Taiwan. I was in Taidong and was downright homesick. I was feeling lonely and lost, and just needed a little slice of home. I remember riding my bike one day and having a huge craving for pizza. Homemade pizza. I knew that if I could just have a taste of my mom's pizza, everything would be alright. Unfortunately, Home is quite distant from Taiwan, and pizza does not ship well. I shook the thought and pedaled onward.

A few days later our district went to a member's house for lunch. Imagine my surprise and gratitude when we were served homemade pizza. This sweet sister had cooked pizza after pizza in her toaster oven (because they don't have real ovens in Taiwan) to feed us hungry missionaries. How did she know that pizza was what I was craving? How did she know that that was what I needed? And how did she get my mother's recipe?


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