Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Schnoz in the Spring

Lots of sneezing
Lots of nose blowing
The occasional bloody nose
A student with impeccable timing trying to talk to me
as I mop up the mess on my face,
totally ignoring the fact that I am bleeding profusely

Does anyone else notice something wrong with this equation?


Erin said...

Students never seem to notice anything. Just like the bike guy, the student is totally centered on himself. Did that bike guy ever come back for his bike?

Dan said...

Did you make the bike story up? EVERYONE keeps asking you about the bike guy and we have not had a single response.

I'm sorry to hear that you get bloody noses. I think I am super allergic to sage brush in the Spring.

Jill_ums said...

Haha! Funny how everyone is so concerned about the bike. As a follow-up, the bike was gone when I got to work on Friday. Someone must have let the poor kid in and the poor bike out.