Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mozart vs. Motown

Earlier today I was listening to classical music.
Now, Smokey Robinson is swinging me home.

And while the juxtaposition of my music choices might seem odd,
it isn't, really.

It does, however, leave me with a question:

If listening to Mozart is supposed to make you smarter,
what does listening to Motown make you?



Nathan said...

If you listened to all classical music, and no motown, you'd be so smart you wouldn't even need to ask that question.

But... I like both, so obviously I'm not either.

Megan said...

Motown makes you cooler. it feeds your soul.

Dan said...

I think that is a wonderful music regimen. Mozart has a way of invigorating a fresh mind so that you are ready to alert and innovative at your job when you get there in the morning. However, you need some nice soulful Motown to relax you as you go home in the evening. I think your choices are a great way to achieve balance and maintain healthy stress levels. Do you do yoga or Pilates at lunch?