Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Glover Moment

Do any of you remember Mr. Glover? You know, the AP American teacher from high school? Who coached the girls' tennis team? Wore short shorts and a sweat band? And was the spitting image of General Custer? Remember him?

Well, I had a Glover moment the other day.

As I was driving into work, I was stopped on State Street, right in front of the Temple. The moon, which was just waning from full and was still bright in the morning light, was positioned just above and to the side of that Holy Edifice. And as I beheld the sight, all I could think of was Mr. Glover and his end-of-year/post-AP-test slide show. Even now I can hear his voice...

"This is the Temple."

Next slide.

"This is the Moon."

Next slide.

"This is the Moon superimposed over the Temple."

Yep. He had some pretty groovy photog skills.

Image of Glover, uh, I mean Custer, found here.


Chelsea H. Huffaker said...

Yes, dear Glover. You know, I have Glover sightings as often as the rest of the world has Elvis sightings. It makes your heart feel good.

Dan said...

I only had Glover for one semester. I don't think he really enjoyed teaching our class. The class was regular 11th grade history or maybe honors history or something, so there was a lot of intelligent students in there but I think he got annoyed because we all spent a lot of time paying more attention to classmates than his lessons. I don't really remember learning much in his class. I would like to go back. I like history a lot more nowadays. I think I just had to grow to appreciate it whereas before it didn't apply to anything because I was only looking forward, I didn't care to learn about/from the past. I think now there are a lot more visual learning aides for history which is what I need. I really like the History channel and the Discovery channel and PBS. Too bad we don't have cable though :(

Clary said...

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! I've done that same thing before as I passed by the temple at night under a full moon. He made me laugh--not intentionally, but because he is the way he is.