Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas was amazing!! A few highlights of the week:
  • Due to the heat and hot water being turned off in my building, I only had to work Monday of last week. That meant that I had Tuesday-Sunday off. It was great! Merry Christmas to me!!!

  • Kohl's coupons = last minute Christmas shopping...for myself :)

  • We each had $7.41 to spend for our Christmas jar shopping. I only spent $5.62 (Go, me!) and learned that the self-checkout at Smiths does not accept half dollar coins.

  • Christmas Eve dinner was a triumph, as compared to recent years. Spinach stuffed chicken, roasted red potatoes, glazed carrots, failed bouche de Noel--all delectable and divine. And it must have been good if even Uncle Paul complimented on taste and selection.

  • Santa delivered this year! I got a new laptop for school. Too bad I have to reimburse Santa 3/4's of the computer's purchase price... So really, I only got 1/4 of a laptop.

  • My favorite present was the quilt top my Grandma Lambert made me. It is beautiful!!! I was really surprised and excited by the gift, especially as all my other cousins received quilt tops last year and I, having received a different gift, was insanely jealous.

  • It is crazy to see how our family has changed and grown, and continues to change and grow. It was wonderful to be with them and to share Christmas with them.
Some photos from various holiday events:

Michael. He takes Christmas very seriously.

Megan, Maggie, Cole, and Vera waiting to open presents.

Ryan and the teddy-clad...teddy.
(Long story, HOT picture)

Dave and Chelsea

Coleman's going GQ early in life.

Will trying to sneak snacks before breakfast.

Jamison and Santa

Femininity comes easily for some.

Bowling with a camera-happy Vera.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, too!

Happy Holidays!!!

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The Willeyes said...

Sounds like a most excellent Christmas :) Happy New Year!