Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hearing Things

Yesterday, while waiting for the train to depart the station, I was catching up on some much needed Zzz's, floating in and out of consciousness. Suddenly, I jolted wide awake.

I had heard a voice.

"...Change is coming..." it spoke, practically in my ear.

I looked around. No one was near. Everyone was minding their business, talking on their cell phones or playing on their laptops, and I was alone. No one was speaking to me. It was very odd and confusing, especially to my sleep-fuzzed mind. Yet, I had heard a voice and it had spoken to me loud and clear.

What change?! Where? When? How? Tell me more, O Mighty Voice!

And then I heard it. Above me, on the second tier of seats. The child's voice rang out again. "The train is coming!" he shouted, his voice carrying through the silence of self-absorbed commuters.

Train, not Change.


That darn speech impediment!!! The kid had me fooled for a second.

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