Friday, August 21, 2009

Ji-Ji and the UTA

My little Ji-Ji went on a little adventure the other day. Having decided she had had enough of the inside of my pocket, Ji-Ji slipped out, and took a little ride on the train without me. How I missed my poor Ji-Ji! How I fretted over her, and mourned her when I thought her lost! And how happy I was to hear of her rescue by some wonderful UTA train attendant! How lovely was our reunion!

UTA, Ji-Ji and I thank you!


Megs said...

what the heck is a ji-ji? is like your pocket picachu that you feed every few minutes and that you have tenderly and lovingly raised from infancy? I can see how hard it would be to be separated from a dear friend as such. Bless your heart and bless the UTA attendant who had the decency and heart to pick up a picachu in a time of need. The world, especially Salt Lake City, needs more valiant and brave picachu caregivers and picachu lovers that will not stand for picachu neglect or picachu abuse. This act of love will forever be burned into the pixels of computer screens across the earth. What a great example.

love, your big brother,

Jill_ums said...

In Chinese, cell phone is 'shou ji'. Ji-Ji is my cell phone.