Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Going into Business

In Zhongli, there is a place one of my companions and I would eat at every other day or so. It was our spot. We had our table we sat at every time. We had our favorite dishes. And the staff knew we liked it hot. And what fanciful food tickled our tastebuds enough to have us eating there three to five times per week? Fried Rice. There was the spicy beef fried rice, the curry chicken fried rice, the bacon and pineapple fried rice. Yep. That delectible dish with endless possibilities.

I made Fried Rice tonight. I make it often but tonight it tasted GOOD. And I was thinking: I should open my own fried rice place, with all its wonderful varieties, just like the one in Zhongli.

What do you think?

Me and the fried rice girl.
We were like family. Sad that I never knew her name.

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Megan Di said...

Do it!!! I like your fried rice!