Monday, March 23, 2009


Why do I bother to study if I'm just going to fail the test anyway?

It's a question I've never been able to answer.


Dan said...

Dang. What subject is it? I had 3 classes that I can remember that it didn't matter how much I studied, I did bad on the test (Gen Chem II, Calc III and Foundations of Business Thought). I can honestly say though that with one of those classes (Calculus 3), studying eventually helped out a ton because by the third exam I picked up on the teacher's pattern for the tests and discovered that he was giving away the test answers in the practice exam. People who didn't study struggled and failed the tests but at the end of the semester I met with him and he said I had a "strong A" even though I didn't learn a darn thing in his class. Maybe there are hidden answers somewhere that you will remember!

PS my verification word is "smant". Which we all know means smart in a slanted way which is how you just have to approach college. We all go to school so that we don't have to. Now, I must work on my thesis....

Camille said...

I too have never been able to answer that questions. I have also never been able to answer the question "Why did I test better when I didn't read the book, then when I actually did read the book?"