Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snoopy Meets Kitty (a.k.a One Man's Junk...)

When I was in Taiwan, the 7 had a sale. Every time you spent 70 kuai, you would get a free Hello Kitty pin. Each pin featured a different country from around the world. My companion and I spent A LOT of money trying to get every country. Yet alas, I didn't even come close to getting all of them.

In going through my junk recently, I unearthed my Hello Kitty pins, as well as a stack of Snoopy in Taiwan cards a different companion gave me (another convenient store promotional). What to do with these? It was then that I was smacked with yet another brilliant idea:

A little ribbon, a smattering of hot glue, and viola! Christmas tree ornaments!!! In all, I think I have around 25 Hello Kitty pins and 30ish Snoopy cards.

What a fun tree I'm going to have next year!

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