Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Silver Lining

Yesterday was my 25th birthday. It was a good day, full of cake, greetings, and presents. I am now, officially, one quarter of a century old. One fourth of one hundred. Twenty-five hundreths of a whole. I feel good about being at 25, and I began wondering what else is good because it is a quarter or 1/4.

Me! (andColette on Halloween)
Loving 25!

A Quarter. 25 cents. Always good to have one on hand. Get four of them and you have a dollar.

A Quarter Pounder with Cheese. 4 ounces (there 16 in a pound) of Fatty Deliciousness. Yum!

Autumn is just one of the four seasons. Spring, Summer, and Winter are nothing without Autumn. And it is by far the best of the seasons. I mean, what other season has my birthday and Thanksgiving in it?

25% juice. Now that's what I call healthy.

Utah is one of the four states that meet at one point, resulting in Four Corners. (Note: Do not put your bare hands on the black plaque in the middle of a July day. It will burn.)

If you have a string quartet, it would only be a trio without the cello.

In every deck of cards you have four queens, but only one that is the Queen of Spades. Avoid her if you are playing Hearts. She deals a mean 13 points.

A Quarter horse: An American breed of horse that runs fast.

A quarter moon. We have one every 28 days or so.

One lap around the track is a quarter-mile. That's about as far as I can run. Too many Quarter Pounders with cheese.

And let's not forget the Quarterback. No football game would be worth watching without him. It would just be a bunch of men tackling and hitting each other. Entertaining but pointless. GO UTES!!

Who knew that being 25, a quarter, or 1/4 could be so great?!?!

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Bryce & Laura said...

Wow jill awesome post!! Now I can't wait to turn 25 ! ;)