Friday, November 7, 2008

A Letter (My One and Only Blurb)

Dear President Elect,

In the aftermath of the recent election for our nation’s forty-fourth president, I have decided to join in the many voices, both spoken and written, in expressing my thoughts.

I have never been one to join much in political hoop-ha; I study the issues and pick the candidate I feel will best support my ideals and best support and lead our country. We are all entitled to think and decide for ourselves. We live in a democracy, and as such, all have a say in our government. That is something that is truly great about our country: we all have freedom of choice, freedom of speech, and freedom to make our lives better.

I know there have been unsavory comments said of both you and your opponent in this election; the public and media are fierce when all vying to be heard. They often say whatever they feel will generate the most noise. Even after the votes have been counted, it seems that some of these voices have gotten louder and more obnoxious. I have stopped listening to these voices; I am sick of their bite and roar. I made a choice for a candidate, our nation made a choice for its leader, and now it is our duty as Americans to make the choice to support our collective decision.

I love this country; nowhere else on earth is equal to it in it’s freedoms, it’s power, it’s people, it’s spirit , and it’s strength. It is the Land of the Free, the Land of the Brave. As the United States of America, we need to live up to our name and stand united in supporting the man we have chosen to lead us.

President Elect, I trust you to work hard for the American people; to always have their needs and their best interests in sight. I trust you to make a better America and to always protect the freedoms we have been given. I trust you to do what is honest, good, and upstanding, to give hope to the downtrodden and inspire courage in the weary. I trust you to make America proud.

Don’t disappoint me.