Wednesday, November 19, 2008

With a Song and a Prayer

At our house, family prayer is more of a circus than a sacred observance. We all come together and, instead of promptly kneeling and praying, we chat about our day, exchange anecdotes and jokes while ribbing and teasing each other and getting in a few laughs, and just have a few, or 30, minutes of fun before praying. You could say that family prayer time is our family bonding time.

The following dialog occurred at our family prayer last night. It involves two people: Megan, who is thinking of ceasing employment with a local scrapbooking company; and Ryan, who is incredibly quick and very witty.

Megan: "What if I were to quit Making Memories?"

Ryan: "Then you would have nothing to remember."

I think we laughed for 22 of those 30 minutes.

I love my family!

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